AcryFree® Well Covers

AcryFree Well Covers
AcryFree® Slope Cover is:

  • Gentle and Effective
  • Cheap Price basic protection of Rain and Snow
  • Effective ventilation (air circulation)
  • Easy installation

AcryFree well cover is made of Stylish lightweight Acryl optic glass and it has white milky colour. The thickness of the glass is about 5 mm. It is extremely UV and weather resistance’s protection.
AcryFree cover attaches with thin and wedge shape, which is made of acrylglas that gives assistance to grating. It needs to have minimum approximately 2 cm above the grating that makes the well covers from the ground about 5 cm slope upwards.
Because of the slope it is absolutely protected from driving rain and provide air to the basement.
Exact Measurement
AcryFree should stick out exactly the margins of your wall so that the rainfall from above and side can drain away over the cover. The size depends on your needs or the size of your well. The cover slope should be 2 to 5 cm. Depend on the size of the well it can be adjustable.
Easy Application

  1. Accommodate with wire tie from the outside wall
  2. Put the AcryFree cover above the grating like (exterior siding)
  3. Connect with the wire tie from the wall
  4. Fill with the silicon glue to protect rain water
  5. Do not step on the cover (in needs of construction it can be removed)
  6. Be sure it covered all the grating

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