Acrylic Basement Window Covers

acrylic well cover for house

This Acrylive Product can only possible to deliver winthin Germany.

Acrylive Basement Window Well Cover- Advantage or Benefits features

  • Protect from insects, small animals, leaves, wet and dirty
  • All type of dimention is possible
  • Modern and look nice both outside and inside
  • Light to install and easy to clean
  • Suit with all type of window wells
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Safe to walk on

If you are interested our AcryLive well covers made of pure plexiglas(acrylglas), ready made or for special size with measurement. Please feel free to contact us by phone or through the contact form in our website.

Clean & Fresh – keep dirt away and shining all the time.

By using our well cover, you will have clean basement because insects, small animals, old leaves and dirt cannot get into the basement. In the other hand it is very easy to clean – you do no need special chemical cleaning materials or special technique required to make it clean.

Getting enough Light and fresh air in your basement and make your living space better

No need to worry to have enough Natural light, it will come through the grid or Plexiglas. The circulation of the air in the basement is normal and natural. Using our product, your  basement space can be available for sport place, home theater or bar or even private office.

Well covers is made of high quality materials and precision manufacturing

Acryl well covers are made of acrylic glass and highly stable and also light supporting structure with aluminum frames and strong Plexiglas.

Excellent ventilation through integrated frame

Ventilation aluminum rails provide optimum natural air circulation and keep healthy indoor climate

High load capacity of the Acrylive well cover

AcryLive light well covers is absolutely recommanded  by many construction companies and confirmed by the testing center with load capacity.

UV resistance

The clear advantage of acrylic glass, the UV-resistance. Consequently you can proud of using our well cover.


Sustainable thinking is innovative thinking – acrylic glass can be traced back to 100% in the recycling process.

Innovative solutions for special circumstances

We offer suitable to fulfill your basement well to cover various accessories and extras, individual claims can be found in our website.

Security lock on the cover and chain set AcryLive
lock system for window well cover
Security lock at the window well cover AcryLive

To secure your basement well cover lift, on request, a security lock to be installed. Similarly, they receive the appropriate chain set.

For the more informations please feel free contact us for details.

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