AcrySwing well cover

AcrySwing well cover for Basement
Elegant solution to protect from getting wet from rain:
Basement well cover AcrySwing® is an elegant protection of driving rain and snow. AcrySwing® made of acrylic glass is available in clear such as matt.

Effective protection:
Although AcrySwing® well cover looks stylish and has a modern design, is an effective protection from falling rain, leaves and coarse dirt into basement wells.

Our Basement Cover is securely incorporated by a sealing tape in an aluminum rail which is mounted on the house wall (see schematic picture below). Therefore you can simply fold back the cover of the Basement well. This is an advantage because you can pull basement cover whenever you want or need out of the aluminum rail without any effort. Very easy to install and effective.

Simple installation and individual incline:
You have solely to attach the aluminum rail to the wall of your house. You can individual decide on which height you want to put the aluminum slide to create the most appropriate incline. The acrylic glass with the specially formed elastic strap has to be slid in.

Like all our products made by us, AcrySwing® is well thought out to the smallest detail. The connection to the wall is constructed so that moisture cannot penetrate. But it helps with the circulation of the air inside.

Further advantages of AcrySwing®:
o AcrySwing® is of a light weight, because of the acrylic glass and aluminium
o AcrySwing® is weather and UV resistant, so it is durable (just like all our well covers)
window well installation design
The delivery time takes approximately 3 weeks within Germany. For more information please contact us for detail what you need, where should we deliver and we will get back to you soon. We understand your time and needs, here is a simple Acryswing cover quality test video. Please enjoy watching it.

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