Basement Well Cover AcrySlim

The best rain protection and cheap price cover for your basement window well

AcrySlim the best protection against rain and rough dirt on your basement well

AcrySlim is design to meet not only protection of rain and snow but also cheap pries and quality products. It is very easy to install and maximum protection for rain and snow. At the same time it provide natural light to the basement. It is made of pure acrylic glass to have fully UV-resistant.
Easy to Install

AcrySlim is lightweight well cover made of plexiglass that is why it is possible to install above any basement well. You will find detail description how to install it step by step easily. It takes only a few minutes to fix it.
Any size available

We also have custom design for AcrySlim well cover, just send us the measurement of your basement well size to have a quote. The production time does not take long, it will be done as soon as you confirm your request.

There are two different type of AcrySlim Well Cover. Just select the desired size and type of cover you like:

  1. Clear glass or variant
  2. Matt (soft) variant

The advantages of using AcrySlim:

  • Reasonable price
  • Supper protection
  • Modern design
  • UV-resistant
  • Provide Sunlight
  • One Stop Installation
  • Quality product made in Germany

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