Basement Well Cover introduce New Product Shadow Line and Silver Line

New Products from BWC called Shadow Line and Silver Line to protect small animals(vermin) and old leaves falling into the basement. It is rectangular shape to fit with normal light well which is made of stainless steel aluminum. It is high quality product which can be heavy duty window well covers also recommended for footpad or platform.

Because of the modern design and quality you have an excellent investment of your home for years. It can cut down your maintenance cost in future. It also allow ventilation of your basement and get access to the natural light. So your basement well foundation is totally protected from cracking incase of water and moisture. In other words your home is safe from moisture loosing, keep freshness of the air inside. It has also true safety and security for your basement too. If you worry about water getting through the well cover then you can use our AcrySlim to avoid rain and snow falls.
Both Basement well cover Shadow Line and Silver Line have special function at the side with brush seal to keep small insects(reptiles) away. Not even ants, wasps and bees to have their nest construction in the side of the well. It can easily accumulate all sort of dirts and debris.
We offer reasonable pries for our products so that every home owner can effort to habe opportunities to use our high quality well covers.

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