Basement Well Cover Shadow Line

Light Well Cover Model Shadow Line – Elegant Style and Functionality – The perfect protection for your basement

You are looking for a basement light well cover which has absolutely perfect in design and quality of conventional well covers then you are in the right place. The Shadow Line well cover is not only impresses with its beautiful design, but also by diligent color design. It is made of aluminum to have resistant for all nature protection and long lasting. You will be impressed by looking at our design, quality materials and wonderful workmanship made in Germany.

One Stop Installation

Installation of basement well cover shadow line is very easy and quick. You have all the instruments provided to install the well cover. Just need to move your old grid and replace with new and tighten with the screw which you get along with the package.

Custom Size Available

No worries if you do not find any of our standard size Shadow Line well cover, we provide custom size that fit with your well. We manufacture every possible light well depend on your quote. Just fill out our oder form with the size you need and sent to us for price estimation.

Detail description of Shadow Line Cover

We make sure that your basement is fully protected from dirt, small animals and vermin by using our Shadow Line. It has special brush at the border of the frame to prevent all unnecessary element.
The advantages by using our well covers:

  • Choose special paint and color depend on your wish
  • Modern and valuable quality and design
  • Made of stainless steel wire mesh V2A
  • Super protection from vermin and dirt
  • Resistance and easily accessible
  • Production is guaranteed made in Germany
  • Fit with modern Architecture

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