Basement Well Cover Silver Line

Elegance Design for your Basement Well Cover

To protect your basement well form against dirt, rat and small animals? It is the best suit with our Silver line well cover for protection of any insect for your well as we offer classic design and gives high protection.
The Silver line well cover is not only one of the most effective product to protect your well from dirt and small animals, but also beautiful design and suitable for almost any environment and nature. You will find our basement well cover Silver Line as valuable property and design, suit with modern architecture. Our product will let your home the most beautiful impression.

Very Easy To Install

It is made as simple as possible that every one in your family can install our Silver Line well cover.
Installing step by step is described clearly to use any single screw supplied by purchase. You do not need to be an expert to fix the light well. It can be installed easily and quickly as description.

Individual or Custom Size

Yon can easily find and standard size products come with any possible dimension. If the standard well cover is not suit with your well then we can make custom size for you. Just send us your quote with your necessary measurement and size you need. We would be happy to assist you, just contact us for detail.

Silver Line detail design description

To make your well cove to protect from dirt and vermin, the cover Silver line has a brush (house wall side) and fitted a revolving brush made of aluminum seal at the bottom. The advantages:

  • Classic design and elegance look
  • Made of aluminum
  • Intricate design
  • Protected from vermin and dirt
  • Fully accessible and resilient
  • Highest quality stainless steel wire mesh made of V2A
  • Guaranteed production and processing in Germany
  • All components of the well cover Silver line are extremely durable.

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