Basement window covers for rain water flooding protection

In case of heavy rain or storm there are many things to prepare with basement window covers for the newly or old basement. If you are using the basement as living space it is more important than normal basement situation as you had spend lots of time and money finishing your basement to become perfect liveable space. We are sure that you have proved all the possible rain water flooding protection or getting wet floor from ground water. It is necessary to check your floor prevention from moldy before you start carpeting all your basement rooms. Also do not forget to contact your layer to absolute safety of your property when flooding occur.

Every house has rain gutters to let rain water flow safely without getting into basement, so try extending rain gutter and make slope surface to let water goes easily, also keep away from house if possible. Please check every now and then that your rain gutter is clean nothing is blocked. Many more basement flooding happen because the water flow directly over the home foundation and increase basement flooding.

It is also a good idea to walk around and check rain gutter when heavy rain fall happened so that you can see actual situation if you need further protection or not. Also make sure all the water flow down to the drain, not ponding around your home. At the same time do not forget to prepare for emergency incase of heavy rain storm and basement flooding.

Finally it is the right way to install necessary basement window covers which can help you home from rain water, snow and even flooding. Please proof all the necessary steps when you are planing to use your basement as your lovely living space.

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