Basement windows and well covers practice

Without finishing the basement window well, it cannot be called you have finished basement remodeling or new installation. Depend on the situation whether you have started totally new basement design but without basement well cover, your basement is incomplete. Removing rusty old window and replacing with news can be easy but need to think about flooring, lighting and ceiling of the basement can gives problem for installation. At the same time, we cannot forget old leaves, debris and weeds can block your wells and it may lead into leaking water into basement.
There are many simple mistake that home owner made by choosing:

  • Cheap well coves
  • Poor insulation system
  • One layer window allowing cold air into basement
  • Steel metal basement well covers not providing enough lights
  • Leaving old metal or wooden frame to save money

The intention of having basement window is to have enough light and air for basement. Sometimes people forget about why quality well cover is necessary for home. The goal is to have sunlight not keeping your goods moldy in basement. That is why using Glass or Acryl well covers can make the change for saving energy and natural living.
Our window well covers is made for cold climate, help insulation and energy efficient. It is also possible to replace your old cover with new if you have stand size.
Normally we can find energy efficient egress windows in your near home store but it cannot fit with your standard size well. In this case considering custom well covers can be perfect solution. Our high quality well covers come with any sizes to meet everyone’s need. The new look and design well cover will provide all you need your perfect basement that will not rust and deteriorate.

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