Can we avoid installing lightwell cover in Basement?

lightwell without covers
It has been for long generation that people use lightwell in their basement for protection of rain, dirt, snow, hails, frog, insect, and small animals. It is the most simple method that people use it for long period of time. It can be made of wood, plastic, glass, plexiglas, acryl, polycarbonate, metal, stainless steel or aluminum and concrete. Without lightwell cover your basement is not complete because you can not be sure what animals come at night and stay inside, can be big rat staying in the basement if you well is not protected.

It is necessary to install lightwells covers in every basement for natural protection. There are many different type of basement well covers to find out the right for every homeowners. It can give maximum protection by using metal mesh for small insect coming into your wells. Some well covers has special functions brush seal at the edge to keep ants like small insect making their home. On the other hand it is the most reliable to protect rain water, snow and hails getting into the basement and also help ventilation of the basement. It can be transparent well cover like AcrySlim and AcryFree to provide maximum natural light.

So it is just clear that we cannot avoid installing well covers for the basement. Uncover basement can get water, dirt, all sort of unnecessary works for home by leaving them open. To make our basement safe from all, we just use strong well covers that fit the requirement and size of our basement. Most of the well is designed square or rectangular shape according to the study. We produce all type of wells that can also stand enough weight to walk on or drive over it. You can also install separately safety lock for your well covers too. Please do not forget to browse our product sections for new release to fulfill your needs.

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