Shipping price information is added accordingly depend on country at our online shop .

We habe three different zone for delivering our well covers in Europe. Depend on where you live delivery cost can be cheaper. We support our best service to satisfy our value customers.

Zone One: Germany and United Kingdom(limited offer)
Customers who order direct from our online shop from zone one will be charge 9.90 Euro within the country.(maximum 4 products)
Delivery will take more or less two weeks after you purchase your payment.

Zone Two: Austria, Holland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic
Customers who oder from this country will be charged 19.90 Euro within the country mention above.
Delivery can be longer than two weeks for these country.

Zone Three: Italy, France, Sweden, Finland, Polen
Customers who oder from zone three countries will be charged 29.90 Euro within the countries.
Delivery will take longer for this zone.

For any custom well covers size please contact our sale team to assist you with delivery time and cost.
We use Ilonex to send our product to you.