New AcryFree well cover to protect your basement from rain and snow

Beautiful clear glass covers to support the basement system with natural sunlight, protect rain and snow falling into the wells. Acrysales is always finding way to make support home owner by developing new products. AcryFree well cover is made of high quality polycarbonate plexiglas providing maximum sunlight through the wells to your basement. This is actually convenient for every standard light well to install without any effort. You will not need anything extra tools to assemble in your basement. This light well cover stay just 2cm above the drained slanting cover to provide ventilation of the basement.

There are some more good reason of this acryfree well covers:

  • The thickness of the cover(5mm) can stand more weight incase somebody walk on
  • Optics frosted Glass to have high resistance of weather change
  • Optimal UV resistance naturally
  • Light weight and easily movable (highest flexibility)
  • Protection rain and melted snow
  • Help circulation of air in the basement

AcryFree well covers is available for any basement well size located outside of the building. We recommend this for any type of wells which need rain water protection all years round. This is high quality products made directly in Germany but offering standard price start from 59€. You are getting cheaper as you are buying directly from manufacturer. There will be no hidden cost to use this cover for every home owners and get satisfactions.

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