Basement windows and well covers practice

Without finishing the basement window well, it cannot be called you have finished basement remodeling or new installation. Depend on the situation whether you have started totally new basement design but without basement well cover, your basement is incomplete. Removing rusty old window and replacing with news can be easy but need to think about flooring, lighting and ceiling of the basement can gives problem for installation. At the same time, we cannot forget old leaves, debris and weeds can block your wells and it may lead into leaking water into basement.
There are many simple mistake that home owner made by choosing: Continue reading

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Stay warm in winter by covering basement well and windows

Winter is arriving soon and every homeowner need to proof all window system if it is air tight to save energy in winter. The outside temperature in winter is most of the time minus, if your windows are not airtight, then it is like throwing money away to heat up your rooms. Snows and rain can also came in to your living rooms through the strong wind so it is essential to check properly before snow arrived. Continue reading

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Window Well Cover and basement Protection in Winter

Window Well Cover Acryswing
I do not think it need to be proved by the HVAC professional just for the winter, you can check your self whether it is working well or think about if your thermostat program is working it can help to save you lots of money from heating cost in winter. Do not forget to take a look at your materials in your basement sometimes people forget things, which they left in summer and it can be flammable. I am not sure about carbon monoxide detector need to be installed or not. Continue reading

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Basement Brightening with custom window well covers

Custom Acrylglas window well covers

Having enough light in the basement can help a lot of potential but you can use custom window well covers to get full natural light for your basement. Without natural light your basement can only use for storage place like garage, heater calls, fuse cabin, dryer and washing machine but if you use custom glass well covers that provide extra natural light then your basement can turn into living space like Gym, Basement Bar, Hobby rooms, Music basement rooms or sauna.
By installing the custom covers you will find more flexible to use your basement for many other needs. Well Covers can be acryl or glass but it is batter to use Acrylglas Covers which provide maximum light. It is also very really light Product that every household can easily install it. The price of it is also reasonable if you use AcryFree Well Covers. I can also protect rainfall from the roof of the building to avoid getting water into the basement.
You have free choice to use custom window well covers because you can order exactly the size you need that fit with your well or extend your wells for more light and air that is also possible too. If you are thinking about security and safety of your basement by using custom covers, you can use lock system that no one can break through your basement as some people use their basement to store valuable things.
These are all the advantages of using custom well covers for every house owner depend on their needs. If you are intending to renovate or replace basement window covers do not forget to think all detail what you need in future too.

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Basement Design Plan before Construction

Depend on the Design construction and use of well covers can change the plan of the basement. It can also be one the benefits in future such as energy saving and ventilation of the rooms. There are two main parts to consider before starting the basement construction plan.

  1. Step By Step Grades of construction and
  2. Construction options (way of construction)

Continue reading

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Basement Construction and Consideration of Well Covers

Acrylive well cover design
It is difficult to make prediction between the interaction of ground and retaining structures of the building. The actual amount of work is hard to guess depend on structural design detail and plan. Even though the design engineer stretch the retaining structures. It always takes necessary step to prevent the well causing damage. There is much more major awareness to be considered during construction of the basement. Continue reading

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Type of Basement and Use of window well covers

type of basement
Basement can be one or more floors under the building or totally below the ground level. Many of the basements can be used as utility space for house and building like water heater, fuse boxes, storage place, air conditioning machine, car parking, and heater system or storage. There are also amenities such as cable TV, electrical system distribution cabinet. Some people use basement as living lounge, spot gym, hobby room or sauna. Continue reading

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Having a clean basement wells cover all the time for your house

Basement well cover for home
Basement wells have the function to let daylight and fresh air come through. Basement wells used to be concreted. The advantage was that they could be flooded without any damage. Today they are usually made of plastic material which is also solid. Unfortunately the gratings do not protect the basement well from rain water. A perfect solution is a basement window well cover. It provides not only protection from rain water, but also from vermins, animals and dust. Continue reading

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How important to have a basement window well covers?

Basement window well cover can provide dirk basements into powerful light and gives emergency escape ways during fire, smoke or flooding. Basement can be used as bedroom, Gym, Bar and stored rooms. But if you intend to have bedrooms in your basement you have to install egress window according to the rule. I have seen many different dark basements because of the well cover, it doesn’t provide enough light. Continue reading

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Clear Plastic window well covers for basement well decoration

Acrylive window well cover for every building and houses.
Every houses und building needs basement window replacement because they are easily rusted by mean of bad weather and leaking water into the basement is mean problem for every household. That is why it needs to renovate or refinish every two to three years. As soon as we start thinking about remodeling the basement the important things is to think seriously about is the installing appropriate basement wells so that there is no problem with it in future.
There are many readymade contractor windows, that are cheap and easy to install and made of Plastic, Acryl glass or metal but no one can grantee how long it will last. Some vinyl window covers are very good to use, no need to think about painting and energy efficient. It is better installing good quality solid well covers rather than plastic window well covers. We manufacture many different well cover products made acryl glass. Please choose whatever product you like for your basement. Here is our list of products examples…..

We specialize on quality window well products and only produce guarantee well covers. We are one of the top industries leaders in Germany and Europe for our production.
It does not matter what type of covers you want we can deliver you all according to your needs. We will recommend fixing your window well first if your well is leaking water before. Basement well cover is important for every building to protecting thief, small children falling, rain, snow and pets. Design of the well cover is also important for modern building, business center or condominium. If you are Construction Company and selling apartments, your building need to look clean and stylish so that it is attractive for people to buy your apartment. By installing our well covers your building looks always beautiful and attractive.

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