Product Design Examples AcryLive

The Advantage and Benefits features of Acrylive Covers

  • It protect falling small insects, animals, old leaves, rain and snow
  • You can have all type of dimention for this well cover (custom well cover is available)
  • Beautiful and Modern to make your building both outside and inside
  • Very easy to install and easy to clean so that your well always look clean and nice
  • It is meant for all type of window well that need covers
  • It is totally Weather and UV resistant , saving energy
  • Safe to walk on the cover, installing in the walkway is possible.
  • inexpensive and long time garantee

Anyone who is interested for Acrylive well cover, ready made or for special size with measurement (custom well cover) we are please to assist you for your requirements.
It looks always clean no need to paint eventhouth you need to remove and put it back.
You will always have clean basement because no insects, small animals, leaves and dirt can get into your basement. Very easy to clean – no need special cleaning materials or special technique required.
Fresh air and natural light come through the cover so that your basement has enough air circulation.
Sun Natural light will come through the grid as it is made of Plexiglas. Allowing fresh air and light from outside, your basement can be turn into your best living room.
We manufactur high quality materials and precision for all products.