Rain and Insect Protection for the Basement

1. Insect Protection
It is not that easy to keep bugs and small insect away from the basement as many insect try to find way to come into the basement and live there. But every home owner need to protect it from coming into basement or at least keep them stop coming.
There are many basic things to care for protection of bugs and insect for the basement. The mean entrance is window wells that many insect like spider, small rats are coming from the opening or not covering wells. To keep them away from your home need to use or maintain your well screens.
Covering your well with metal mesh is not enough, also need to seal around all the window well frame that will fill all the gab between foundation frame and window frame. Do not forget to find the crack if there is some leaking in your foundation well both interior or exterior. Many of the insect like moisture rooms so try to fix any of crack or leaking in the building foundation, that will keep insect from living in the basement.
If you use your basement as kitchen, do not forget to keep it clean and throw the rest food as soon as possible. Keep it clean, wipe , sweep and vacuum the floor right away after the cooking. If you have pet like cat or dog, also clean up straight away.

2.Rain Protection
There are also some model how you can install your basement for rain water protection. First need a system of collecting water as shown in picture. This is example of how you can install it for your home to protect rain water getting into the basement.

There are other factors like Basement Well Insulation play big role for every basement. It is better to use the best method not only to safe the energy but also prevent insect coming into the baseent.

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