Stay warm in winter by covering basement well and windows

Winter is arriving soon and every homeowner need to proof all window system if it is air tight to save energy in winter. The outside temperature in winter is most of the time minus, if your windows are not airtight, then it is like throwing money away to heat up your rooms. Snows and rain can also came in to your living rooms through the strong wind so it is essential to check properly before snow arrived.

Here are the check list what we should take care:

  1. Check all your windows and doors with professional
  2. Do not forget to keep snow shovels, salt and sand ready
  3. Make sure that heating system is working properly
  4. Please Turn off exterior taps and windows that is not necessary
  5. Keep your window well covers clean
  6. Install weatherproof and insulation windows and doors
  7. Inspect opening roof, basement wells and weatherproof if needed
  8. Basement window should be air tight (important), sealed and insulated

After you have this all step done then winter is warmly welcome and can decorate for Christmas. Clean heat protection window make every guest look and feel warm and safe.

For more information about how to find right quality well covers to keep our time safe is depend on type of well cover we use. So using glass or acryl cover makes us all these difficulties for preparation in winter. Please feel free to observe in our products list for every house and building. You can also find some example window well products, pictures, and design of installation and how to use all in our articles.

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