The most important thing to care before installing you light well

AcryFree Well Cover from the side

Normally most of the well cover features are meant to provide light and air for the basement. Ordinary cover can not keep old leaves, debris, small animals, rain, water overflow water coming into the it. Some of the well bottom can be full of dirts, wet mud and let the weeds grow in the well.  To make your well not to be look like ugly, rusted well, you need all those week points to know aheads that you can avoid before installing new covers. There are a few questions to consider to make the right decision.

  • where is your well cover located
  • what type of cover is suitable for my well(standard or custom)
  • Do you use your basement as your living space
  • what types of rooms are there in your basement
  • Do you need daylight in your basement
  • Do you keep heater and dryer
  • Do you have air circulation system in your basement
  • How long the old well cover last and what it is made of

After you ask those questions and find the answer yourself then you come to make the right decision what kind of cover you need for your wells. Long lasting cover save your time and money too. Just think about if you have to replace it every two years or 10 years? What will you choose if you have choice?  So think carefully before you make the decision.

Light well cover from Acrysales, Germany leading well covers manufacture take care all the possible problem with the well. We produce standard covers providing exact quality what the customer needs. Our technician help you made the right decision to choose from many different type of covers. Feel free to browse the installation example which suit with your requirement. Please do not forget to contact us if you have any questions about products details.

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