Window Well Cover and basement Protection in Winter

Window Well Cover Acryswing
I do not think it need to be proved by the HVAC professional just for the winter, you can check your self whether it is working well or think about if your thermostat program is working it can help to save you lots of money from heating cost in winter. Do not forget to take a look at your materials in your basement sometimes people forget things, which they left in summer and it can be flammable. I am not sure about carbon monoxide detector need to be installed or not.
It is necessary to check all your doors and windows if is there any insulations problems, heat lost can happen during winter and electricity bill become high. Need to make sure air infiltration is working well and all your pipe entry are properly sealed. Window well covers in basement also need to be fully tight before winter arrives.
If you have heater in your basement, be sure that you proof with the professional for obstructions and fire that is fully inspect for operation and saving your energy consume. Another important thing to check about is the roof and gutters, make sure that there is no hole or leaking that water can flow.
Also insulate outside water pipes, which can give you so much problem if it has frozen water. If the insulation is not good enough to last through winter then try to replace them. If you not living in the mountain area or your house is just beside he hill, do not forget to check your yard now. Ice and freezing snow can break off the hills and damage your whole basement well. The last think to remind you is about emergency if the power is off, you need to be in the safe place so keep warm cloth or blanket incase it take long and store emergency light in your basement too.

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