Product Description of window well cover

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AcrySwing Basement Well Cover

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Replacement for the metal well cover
yes yes no no no
Flush Montage
yes yes no no no
Direct rain protection
no no yes yes yes
Safe to walk on
yes yes no no no
Protection from insects and small animals
yes yes no no no
Self Installation possible
yes yes yes yes yes
Special Size Availavle
yes yes yes yes yes
Weather and UV Resistant
yes yes yes yes yes
Quickly Detachable
no yes yes no no
Transparent and clear availible
yes yes yes yes no
Suitable for every type of well
yes yes yes yes yes
Theft protection possible
yes yes no no no

Detailed description of the individual features:

Replacement for the metal well cover:

Your metal basement well cover can be replaced easily with it. Using this well cover has advantage as its frame is made of aluminum and cover is acrylic glass so that you can safely work on it.

Flush Montage:

The installation of this well cover is flush with the well. That means for a barrier-free transition and an optical value of your outdoor area. Installing it in your house or building looks commercial and valuable.

Direct rain protection:

Because of the beautiful and flexible design it protect rain falling into the basement.

Safe to walk on:

It is totally safe to walk on because of strong materials. Especially ment for area where you have to walk over it.

Protection from insects and small animals:

Because of reticulated and ventilation facilities,it protects insects and small animals trying to get into the basement.Because of that the hygiene factor of the window well grow. Also the small of the dead animals reduced. But it gives natural light and feel you are in the nature.

Self Installation possible:

Installation of the light well is very easy and it is possible to do it your self. In our window well model, you will find clear instructions that how you can install it step by step.

Special Sizes available:

Apart from the standard size, it is possible to order almost every size depend on your needs. We manufacture depend on customer’s request. Please feel free to contact us if you need special sizes.

Weather and UV Resistant:

It is made of highest quality materials to have weather and UV resistant. So it is exactly UV proof.

Quickly detachable:

It is easily removable when you need to paint or renovate your house. Depending on the model, whether acrylic glass or aluminum it can be easily removed and to put it back again.

Transparent and Clear type available:

Depend on your feel and alike you can choose transparent or clear basement well cover. Both are made of acrylic glass but one is polished so that you cannot see the basement inside clearly.

Suitable for every type of well:

It is suitable for every type of well whether your well is concrete or wood it can be installed.

Theft protection possible

As safety is important in modern life that is why we produce safety lock for window well that can be install and you can find it in our accessory section.